Anonymous XML standard
Expanding on the field of digital privacy and countering censorship
by changing the format of transmitted documents


Anonymity is one of the forms of the computer security, and as such it is only as strong as the weakest link. The weakest link in the stronger anonymous networks today is the inability to protect the user from accidentally disclosing private and personal information. In particular there is a known problem of programmes which are used to store the XML documents which can be transferred adding potentially compromising information into the documents. Two prominent examples of that would be package, which adds information about the computer system on which the particular document has been created, and Frost which transfers newsgroup-like messages, but has no ability to test if the message contains any potentially dangerous metadata.
That's where Anonymous XML standard comes in, its goal is to create several standardised formats for transmission of the data anonymously, and to expand already creating standards to include the anonymity conserns.


Anonymous XML is an extension to the existing XML standard and XML-based standards, like OpenDocument Format and Atom web feed. Anonymous XML standard takes into account the need for anonymity of the distributor of the XML document. The Anonymous XML framework provides  a tool for gaining and protecting the right of free speech. That is accomplished by allowing software to remove the information from an XML document which can potentially identify a specific computer user as the author.
The use of Anonymous XML can be graphically summarised in the following way:
Simple Outline of AnonyXML
Here Alice tries to send the document to Bob without disclosing her identity. She uses some anonymous network to hide the information such as her IP address from Bob's view, and the software that she uses to send the document into the network can use Anonymous XML in order to transform the document that is XML based (such as a blog post, OpenDocument Text, or a Frost board message) into a form that is safe to disclose to others.

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